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Mindset & Support

Habits & Systems

Balance & Self-Care

Do You...

Do you feel...

  • overwhelmed, alone & unsupported?
  • like a failure from multiple restarts?
  • unsure if you're on the right path?

Do you wish you...

  • were more disciplined or confident?
  • better adapted to change?
  • were a stronger decision-maker?

Do you struggle with...

  • stress, burn-out, pain or illness?
  • recovering from setbacks?
  • maintaining healthy/productive habits?

As a solo entrepreneur for 30+ years and working with small business owners for over 20, I know what it's like to experience setbacks, change, and loss, and to feel overwhelmed and question if you're on the right path or will ever feel in flow with your business. I've been through some serious challenges, both personally and professionally (more of my story here). I learned a whole lot through all the ups and downs and twists and turns! If you said yes to any of the questions above and you sometimes feel like giving up...

Please don't give up on your dreams!

You are not alone.

Let's... Find Your Flow so You Can Grow!

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Create a strong foundation for bold goals, clear direction and strategies, and confident decisions and actions for meaningful impact.
Adopt habits and practices for a positive mindset, resiliency, focused and easeful productivity, and empowered, intuitive action.
Prioritize well-being to reduce stress, illness and burnout for a healthy body, vital mind and relationships, and sustained success.

The Key to Lasting Change

Why attempts to create better habits often fail.

As a Productivity Consultant and Professional Organizer, I provided useful information, tools, and training to small business owners and individuals. Some clients struggled to implement changes or couldn't sustain them, ending up right back where they started… in chaos...and feeling defeated.

I felt like a failure too when this happened. What went wrong? Why couldn’t I help them?  I got really curious and was determined to find the answer. After receiving some powerful coaching... I had an "aha moment".

The missing ingredient for many who struggle?

Mental Fitness

All the info, tools, and training in the world won't help... if you're in your own way.

Limiting beliefs, self-doubt, judgement, fear, assumptions, perfectionism, and other “gremlins”, along with dysfunctional patterns, can keep you stuck and sabotage your progress. The Positive Intelligence® Mental Fitness Program (PQ) is a game-changer when it comes to breaking through these patterns! I can say from personal experience and my clients have is truly life changing!

As a Certified Professional Coach with specialized training as a Mental Fitness Trainer from Positive Intelligence® I can help you break through negative patterns and cycles and retrain your brain so you can sustain your results and enjoy your success.

Mental Fitness Training & Coaching

Help you get out of your own way and ride the waves of work and life with ease and flow.

Learn More About Mental Fitness Training

The science-based Mental Fitness Score and Saboteur assessments by Positive Intelligence® reveal your mental fitness level and thought patterns that get in the way of your happiness and success.

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The Powerful Results... 

"Your PQ Mental Fitness Program has been transformative for me! After decades of personal and professional development experiences, I can confidently say that you bringing PQ into my life has most fundamentally changed my daily life. I feel more self-command, more ease, more lightness."

Gina Airey, CEO/Founder - Gina Airey Consulting

"I'm healthier and stronger, both mentally and physically than I've ever been because of what I've prioritized with Jodi's help. Without Jodi's ability to follow my thought process, and check in with welcomed observations, I would have kept being in my own way from my own dreams."

Tory Murphy, Corporate Trainer and Coach


A Holistic Approach To...

Energize your passion & purpose

Break free of limiting beliefs, fear and self-doubt

Create balance, ease, and flow

Sustain and enjoy your success

Find Your Flow!