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"Professionally, it's a requirement that I am able to be in an adverse situation and remain cool and sage around how I act and react, but when it came to how I comported myself in this very specific
situation, I was not in control. I was not my best decision maker.

What surprised me most was possibly how easy it is to alter the way you comport yourself. With a little bit of understanding and process, the outcomes changed. The breakthrough for me to understand what I was doing and how to moderate what I was doing based on the PQ principles was almost immediate.

Rob Novack, CEO/Founder - CSG by Design, Inc.

"Your PQ Mental Fitness Program has been transformative for me! After decades of personal and professional development experiences, I can confidently say that you bringing PQ into my life has most fundamentally changed my daily life.

I feel more self-command, more ease, more lightness. It’s like getting a black belt in surfing through life. Thank you! I hope so many others join this program and let you and the brilliant gamified app guide them through transformation!"

Gina Airey, CEO/Founder - Gina Airey Consulting

"My desire to manifest in an energy of flow... not force what sparked my desire to work with Jodi. I was tired of pushing and knew I needed a shift in mindset to find my flow.

When I started working with Jodi I had a vision for my solopreneur venture, but really needed the insight, structure and support in developing the foundational business practices required to start and run a successful business on my own.

Jodi is an excellent coach! She not only helped me refine my vision, but she helped me create a plan and focus my actions and intentions to bring my vision to fruition.

In just six months of working with Jodi I have been able to secure 4 significant contracts and begin the process of building a strong backend foundation that supports the day-to-day running and management of my business.

My work with Jodi has truly been transformational and instrumental in getting me on the right path to launching and growing my business."

Erika Braxton, Founder - Elevate Mindset Coaching

"The Positive Intelligence (PQ) program has proven to be an incredibly insightful and transformative experience! The app-based guided exercises are a simple yet powerful way to help reprogram our personal operating systems so we can lead more intentional and resilient lives. The PQ program helps to not only evoke awareness but also offers tools to help you respond to life with greater self-control.

Jodi is an amazing coach and PQ facilitator. Her intuition and empathy helped me to identify blind spots but it was her challenging support that helped me to regain my vision.  I am grateful for Jodi and this experience, and highly recommend her Mental Fitness program for anyone looking to grow both personally and professionally."

Jordan Drake, Executive Leadership Coach

"In just a few weeks of working with Jodi and practicing the simple PQ Mental Fitness method, I’m more easily managing my stress levels. I even use the techniques when feeling overwhelmed or challenged to help me avoid emotional eating. I’m truly grateful that I committed to learning these powerful techniques and I intend to practice them for the rest of my life. I encourage all of my clients to learn and adopt these practices that will support them in achieving their goals and benefit every area of their lives."

Monica Froeber, Health and Weight Loss Coach

"The Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness program was transformational for me. The core insight I discovered is that my self-worth was tied to achievement, and, even though I was achieving I wasn't recognizing those achievements or celebrating them.  I was perpetually frustrated, pushing myself to do more, and be "busy", because that was tied to my self-worth. It was a relentless energy without a lot of Joy. I am no longer that person, and I feel so much relief and appreciation for this program for helping me through it. 

The content itself is of very high-quality and it is designed to take you through a series of steps so you can observe your natural behaviors, and identify where they are hindering your levels of satisfaction, engagement in life and relationship so you can adjust. I recommend this to anyone interested in growth and transformation."

Justin Hills, Leadership Coach & Consultant - Courageous&Co

"Jodi is an amazing coach! She helps to create a very open, safe, calm space for her clients. She is a fantastic listener who helps guide you where you need to go. Having my own internal challenges with "what I wanted to be when I grew up", Jodi helped me see that certain things weren't happening TO me, but rather, they were opportunities to learn and grow and become the leader I've always wanted to be, personally and professionally.

Jodi has helped me find ways of life/work balance even throughout the pandemic times. I'm healthier and stronger, both mentally and physically than I've ever been because of what I've prioritized with Jodi's help.

Without Jodi's ability to follow my thought process, and check in with welcomed observations, I would have kept being in my own way from my own dreams. I still have post it notes up on my wall from my "aha" moments with Jodi and I look at them daily."

Tory Murphy, Corporate Sales Trainer - Red Hat

"I was fortunate enough to begin working with Jodi as my coach when I was deciding whether or not to make a major career transition. Jodi’s ability to both affirm my experience and feelings, and ask thoughtful questions that led me to clarity around what I wanted, enabled me to be confidently move forward with purpose.

Still today, Jodi consistently helps me ensure my decisions are guided by my values, and I’m grateful to have her coaching allyship for the diverse issues – work, health, relationships, and more – that we discuss. Each session has some lightbulb moment for me, and Jodi’s approach is responsible for getting me to those ‘a-ha’ moments."

Alexis Stern, Leadership Coach and Consultant

"Even though I recognized the importance of my goals, I struggled to maintain any consistency. The motivation Jodi helped me uncover, along with the accountability she provided were key.

I appreciate Jodi's loving and non-judgmental support. She has helped me work through some inner blocks and beliefs that were in the way, and to implement techniques to turn activities into long-term healthy habits.

Since working with Jodi, I’ve been more consistent than ever and feel optimistic that I will reach my goals. I feel a sense of accomplishment and I’m proud of myself. This shift alone is truly priceless. If you need help developing routines and habits, even through obstacles and resistance, I highly recommend working with Jodi."

Neetha Reddy, Hypnosis Practitioner

"If you’re an owner of a small business and you believe you would benefit from more than just a more organized approach, but an infusion of clarity and purpose into your business, you will be well served to bring Jodi in to support your effort.

Jodi has been a valuable asset to the operation of my business. She has always been logical, insightful, an excellent communicator and great listener as well.

Jodi remains focused when others cannot and has the ability to keep the people around her focused when addressing complicated issues and difficult situations. She approaches every task or project with an unflinching commitment to efficiency and thoroughness.

Jodi exemplifies professionalism. I have never once seen her compromise her values or integrity for a quick solution or an easy way out."

Rob Novack, Founder/CEO - CSG by Design, Inc.

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"I got a lot out of Jodi's down-to-earth, relatable style. I felt welcome to open up and share, even the hard and scary stuff. Jodi has a lot of wisdom and embodies a peaceful nature that I admire and would like to adopt. She is an excellent coach who does not judge, is not harsh and praises forward movement."

Joanne Gordon,  Owner/Market Research Consultant - Consumer Intelligence

"Being the (recovering) perfectionist that I am, I rarely remember being this happy with anyone's services!”

Julia Padawer,  Owner/Consultant - Dharma Coaching

"I worked with Jodi over a month’s time and I experienced a huge reduction in clutter and an increase in personal productivity and satisfaction.”

Kevin Finn, Independent Writer's Agent

"Jodi's input, guidance and support have been instrumental in creating the necessary order and functionality our business was demanding. The outside perspective Jodi provided was invaluable. She has the ability to ask the key questions and zero in on the biggest impact opportunities. With sustainable processes and procedures in place, we feel confident, optimistic and in control of our future!"

Lundy Smith, Owner - CopyPage Document Services

“The systems Jodi worked with me to implement help me handle the details of managing the business more efficiently and effectively, and trust that things aren't falling through the cracks. Feeling more on top of things allows me to relax and focus on my creative work.”

Peter Martineau, Owner/Graphic Designer - Imaginetree

“Having Jodi work with me to set up personalized systems is probably the best investment I have made yet in my business.”

Ilona Glinarsky, Owner/Interior Designer

“Jodi accomplished significant objectives in helping us to adopt more streamlined policies and procedures. She has a keen eye for improving and making a more efficient process in the office setting.”

Nancy Corrigan, CPA/Partner - Jeffery, Corrigan & Shaw LLP

 “Jodi is one of the most highly organized business people I know. She is able to quickly assess a company’s functional needs, and assist to help internal systems and processes run more efficiently and effectively."

Betsy Patterson, Founder/Owner - Grace Albert Aesthetics

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