The Dangers of Desk Dining: Chew on This

Feb 06, 2024

How often do you find yourself working through lunch, mindlessly pushing food in your face while you also push to make that deadline. Well, here's some very important food for thought…

Studies show that over 60% of professionals regularly engage in desk dining, missing out on the benefits of mindful eating. In simple terms, mindful eating is the practice of slowing down and focusing on our food while we eat. It means tuning in to the flavor, texture, temperature, and all the other nuances. 
Mindful eating offers mental, emotional, and physical benefits. By slowing down and savoring each bite, we give our bodies more time to register the feeling of fullness, aiding in better digestion and potentially curbing overeating.
When we practice mindful eating, we also send powerful psychological messages to ourselves, affirming that we deserve the time and attention to fuel ourselves properly. This mindful approach also provides us with the much-needed respite from our computers and other devices (sorry, but this includes TV), allowing for a refreshing pause in our otherwise screen-filled workdays.
Whether you work at an office or at home, stepping away from the work environment to enjoy a meal can contribute to a better work-life balance and overall well-being.

By creating dedicated eating spaces and allowing ourselves the opportunity of savoring meals without distractions, we can cultivate a healthier relationship with food and nurture both our physical and mental wellness.
Social interaction during mealtimes is another way to make sure we get some vital, device-free time. While not quite as mindfulness centered as thoughtfully chewing our food, numerous studies have emphasized the significance and benefits of fostering social connections during mealtimes.
Connecting with colleagues, family, or friends during meal breaks offers valuable opportunities for collaboration, idea exchange, and emotional support, ultimately fostering a more positive and productive work life, along with a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.
So, whether it’s a alone or with friends, step away from the electronics and give yourself a break to enjoy that meal! Trust that the project at hand, and your well-being, will be better off for it.