Do Vision Boards Really Work?

Dec 17, 2023

As we reflect on another year gone by, many people plan to create a vision board as they ponder their intentions for the bright and shiny new year ahead. Is creating a vision board on your radar? Have you created one in the past?

If you haven't, or if you have but the vision didn’t seem to become reality, you may wonder… what’s all the hype, do they really work?

According to Forbes, a study by TD Bank revealed that business owners who visualize are more successful and likely to reach their goals. ✅ 76% achieved their envisioned business state, and 82% accomplished over half their board goals.

But it's not just studies and statistics; some very successful people swear by vision boards/visualization! 💡

Jim Carrey wrote a $10M check to himself before realizing that payday, Sara Blakely envisioned Spanx's success before making it happen, and Darren Hardy used visualization to attract his life partner.

Curious nerds like me may wonder… “how the heck does it work?” 🧠 It is rooted in neuroscience, but to keep it as simply as possible… images speak directly to the subconscious, activating intuition and emotion. Mirror neurons and neural resonance unlock ideas, motivation, and solutions.

So, an effective vision board goes beyond simply grabbing images of luxury beach homes and fancy cars. The images should tap deep into the value, heart, and emotion of the “dreamer”.

Also important is seeing yourself not only celebrating the desired outcome, but moving through and beyond the obstacles you may face on the road to that outcome. According to Mel Robbins, that last part is where the juice is! 🧃💪🏻

Lastly, a key to success is practicing a regular routine to keep the vision energized, and translating it into consistent, aligned action steps.

One benefit of the digital age is that your Vision Board can more easily be a living, changing thing that you update as you can and your life shift and evolve.

I’m excited to introduce my new downloadable Vision Board Guide that synthesizes the research, declares the vital keys, and lays out the steps to not just create a vision board, but a transformative experience to turn your board into a manifestation tool with a powerful, impactful practice.

The guide is intended to help you gain deep clarity to create an emotionally-driven vision, select the best focus/theme and format, as well as images and other elements, and learn techniques to keep your vision alive, energized, and activated.

Ultimately, it’s to help you… bring your goals and dreams to life! 🌈

Do you have any Vision Board techniques that you swear by? If so, I invite you to share. One friend shared that he and his wife create a mutual board and prefer to use photos of themselves as opposed to images showing any strangers.