Flow & Grow

Sustain & Build

Your Mental Fitness (PQ) Practice

Your Saboteurs Are Relentless

The Mental Fitness Training Program reveals how persistent and stubborn your Saboteurs can be.

It can also help you develop a lot more awareness and ability to recognize when they hijack you through negative thought patterns.

The training teaches powerful PQ tools and techniques to help you shift to a more positive, productive, peaceful place.

Like physical fitness, the key to lasting change and success is creating long-term habits that stick.

Without ongoing, consistent practice to continue building your mental muscles and sustain the strength you developed, any progress you made will not last and you can end up right back where you started.

Your Judge and other Saboteurs will have a field day if that happens.

Don't let them do that to you!

Pod Power

Studies show that the likelihood of success in achieving a goal or creating a new habit increases by 500% when accountability and support are part of the program.

Participants in the 8-week Mental Fitness Training declare that the support from their Pod and Coach were key components to their success in the program.

The GROW Membership Program provides the inspiration, insights, encouragement, and reassurance that is vital to help you build on the momentum of the Mental Fitness Training and keep your Saboteurs from derailing your progress.

Proven Results

Boost Performance

Use mental/emotional energy more efficiently
Improve ability to develop others
Better at team work and collaboration

Improve Wellbeing

Increase Happiness
Manage Stress Better
Improve Self-Confidence

Strengthen Relationships

Improve Relationships
Better at Conflict Management
Improve Empathy

Flow & Grow

Mental Fitness Support Membership

Ongoing support to integrate the PQ practice into daily life for improved performance, relationships and wellbeing.

What's Included:

  • PQ App Upgrade (GROW Level)
    + Daily Focus and Challenges for all 10 Saboteurs and all 5 Sage Powers
    + Customizable themes and schedule
  • Twice Monthly Drop-In Zoom sessions facilitated by Jodi (2nd & 4th Wed at 6pm…subject to change)
  • Private WhatsApp Group – for supportive communication in between meetings
  • Monthly Live GROW virtual session with Shirzad
  • Previously recorded GROW videos on many topics to help apply PQ to different areas.
  • Connection with GROW members worldwide through PQ app community
  • 20% off Private Coaching with Jodi  (not to be combined with discount included in 8 week program)

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Jodi's Mental Fitness Story

 After completing the PQ Mental Fitness Foundation Training from Positive Intelligence® for my own personal growth, I knew I had to share it with others. I had read many self-development books and taken trainings, was already a Certified Professional Coach and had been through therapy. Nothing compared to the powerful impact of the PQ Mental Fitness Training. It was truly life-changing and has had a profoundly positive effect on my relationships, most importantly the one I have with myself.
I trained with Positive Intelligence®  and am authorized to offer PQ Mental Fitness Training and Coaching. I am passionate about how Mental Fitness empowers people to take command of their thoughts, feelings and actions, and to change how they view themselves, others, their life, and the world!
I believe PQ Mental Fitness Training has the potential to profoundly change the world!